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Our goal is to promote the great game of lacrosse to all the boys and girls of Los Angeles from Kindergarten to 12th grade. We hope that we can develop Angeleno youth into highly skilled lacrosse players who graduate from our program with fond memories of a youth lacrosse team experience that was the foundation and inspiration of their continued future playing lacrosse!

We are committed to teaching the power of teamwork, sportsmanship, honor, responsibility, communication, courage, & leadership.

Black Star Lacrosse Club seeks to develop, advance, and facilitate an all inclusive, safe, FUN, developmental AND competitive lacrosse experience. Every participant, regardless of age level, identity and initial skill will have the opportunity to learn the game while improving individual and team skills. We want to prepare Angeleno youth for high school level lacrosse. 

Therefore, participation is far more important than competition at the youth level. We want to provide positive lacrosse experiences that let kids enjoy and express their individuality, play style and creativity.

Players will be expected to attend ALL practices & games. The game will be taught in different stages of fundamentals that is appropriate for that age group/skill level. Players will be taught the power of TEAM lacrosse and the importance of honoring the game.

9u, 11u, teams will emphasize participation through systematic substitutions. Players will have the opportunity to play attack, defense, midfield & goalie. 

13u teams will playing time will be determined similarly, but with more competitive factors. We try our best to group kids by skill level. Leagues and tournaments we enter have different age/skill levels and the coach will appropriately place players in based on overall team play.

We hope that players can continue to express their style and creativity playing lacrosse in college, on national teams, club teams, professional teams and etc. We want to see players achieve their goals!

All coaches are well informed on what to teach the kids. We strongly emphasize the fundamental skills. We also take pride not only lacrosse coaches, but teachers of character.
All coaches take time to carefully plan practices. Our coaches are competitive and want to win. However, we are willing to put that aside when the lesson outweighs the moment. We cannot predict the outcomes of games, we will give our best effort to give kids opportunities to compete & improve.

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